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by John O. Fox


The 10 Tax Questions

Common Myths Misconceptions

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There are two days this year when millions of adults like you play pivotal roles as Americans. The first is April 15, when you pay your taxes. The second is November 6, when you vote for the people you want to spend them.

If you’re like most of us, you ll pick your candidates mainly by how much you like and trust them their smiles, their voices, your sense of their integrity and capacity to lead. But policy issues also affect your choice. You ll want to know where they stand on Iraq, terrorism, unemployment, Social Security, federal deficits. And on lots of social issues involving housing, health care, education, marriage, and much more.

All of which means that you d better remember April 15 when November 6 comes around. Why? Because our tax laws cut across all of American life. Except for the U.S. Constitution, they represent the most comprehensive expression of our government s official values. What these laws tax or exempt, reward or ignore, crucially shape who we are as a nation and what we will become.

The Great Pension Robbery

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