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11 Fundamental Business Questions For Every Startup Entrepreneur

Many people venture into the world of business without taking the time to critically answer some very

Fundamental Business Questions For Startup Entrepreneurs

fundamental business questions that goes a long way in determining how successful the new business venture becomes or not. In this article, I will be sharing the 11 fundamental business questions I usually use in my coaching and consulting process for start-ups.

I urge you to devote the time to answering each of these questions and as a gift for your readership, I am offering to review them for free to as many of you that will send me their answers

Here are the 11 Fundamental Business Questions For Start-ups

1)      In one sentence why did you decide to establish your business?

2)       What major problems is your business coming to address in the lives of your target customers?

3)      What are the unique combination of solutions you ve put together for each of the major problems you ve outlined above? For each problem specify the unique solution your business is offering.

4)       Who are your target customers who currently have the problems you ve identified above and seek solutions?

5)      What makes you think you are the best solution provider for the problems they have?

6)      What resources are at your disposal that can enable you create the unique solutions you have in mind to offer your target customers for their problems?

7)      What are the MOST unusual characteristics of your business that will be considered as a competitive edge in your industry?

8)      When you DIE, what major contributions do you want your business to be remembered for in your industry?

9)       What are 5 major benefits you want to impact into the lives of anyone that comes in contact with your business?

10)   What do you want to be the testimonies of your target customers about your business?

11)   What more can your business do or give to her target customers that money cannot buy besides the product/service they feel they pay for?

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