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Tarot questions.

Tarot questions.

1- Can a normal deck of playing cards be used in place of a tarot deck with the same results and such?

2- What does each card represent? Or mean when read? Specifics please?

3- If yes to number one then how do you lay the deck out and go through them in order to give yourself a reading? What other motions do you go through? Specific instructions please?

4- And when giving yourself a reading do you have to think of a specific question or no?

Suggestion by Roddy

Isn t it odd that if you don t like the reading you can just mix up the cards and do it again? Tarot cards are nothing more than toys.

Suggestion by Jingwa

Dont know to much about the specifics of the cards etc etc, so i cant answer this properly but i do understand few points as i had a friend which was very good with them.

generally as with any magic spells or other stuff you want your tools to be good for the task sure you can settle for less and use things perhaps not well suited but then you have to be prepared to acept the results may not be as good as you wanted.

In terms of tarot cards i know you can make your own, but either way the imagery should be weel defined and make sense to the person using the tarot cards. Its much the same as giving a spell ritual to another person if it translates diferently to them the results will also vary.

So i would think the end goal of any serious tarot card user is to make their own special deck of cards unique to them. So sure you could use standard playing cards .long as you can define each cards meaning to that in the purpose of tarrot reading and your mind doesnt get confused by their normal card playing meaning. If your mind cant instantly and completly see the playing cards as in their purpose for a tarot reading you have picked a miserable set of tools and well dont expect results which will satisfy.

so answer your first question i would say yes, but it is a 99% NO in general it just doesnt make sense to try use a tool which is good for playing cards, but never designed for tarot .in terms of magic this would almost be inviting failure or results which could even be dangerous .so your answers from the cards are 99% chance to be a flop.

second question .im not sure what the actual tarot definitions are for a normal tarot deck, but i do understand there can be variations based on the individual using the deck as it all comes down to their interpretation of what the cards say beyond their default meaning and how it ties with other cards out. If you just use the default meaninsg for the cards you can get a not very accurate result so its the tarot users need to get the corect feeling and understanding of why the card came up and how all the others fit together to basically give the answer with human interpretation and not computer interpretation.

third question i would imagine with my lack of knowledge on tarrot as a gues using logic you would need to give each card a definitive meaning, so it represents something such as in a tarrot deck you would have to keep this brunt in your brains as if you cannot then the reading will flop is my expectation.

Far as i understand it there are multiple layouts to pulling cards out from a deck and puting them before you, though from start to end focused on your qestion at hand, which is why your using the tarrot cards in the first place.

looking at it from a logical magical stand point the card user channeles their energy into the cards with the question asked it is like a spell with the intent for the cards to give that answer as the conclusion of that spell .so in that regard the cards should relay meaning back to the card user and guide the process so the answer is clear.

in terms of actual tarot process and so forth wouldnt ahve a clue as i never used them or never studied them. Either way would sgest getting a tarrot deck last check they aint expensive.

4th question from my understanding i would assume yes, you would hold the cards and focus on your intent to using the cards which is the question you want an answer to though i would believe the question should be easy to undersatdn for yourself, so a easy to understand answer can be derived.

eitherway like said tarrot i dont know much about any tarrot user even casual would know the details which i have no clue so i simply rationalized it from a how does a engine work without actually knowing the details :).

eitherway id assume someone would answer seriously as tarot is popular.

Do you need a tarot Reading to answer any of your questions?

I am a certified tarot reader. I am willing to answer your questions using the tarot.

Suggestion by areelitaha joahlanski

Yes. Learning understanding about tarot is a good thing in your future. Nowadays dangerous things will happen any where or any time. So before you do something if you know the real fact of the operation out come of the result then you have prepared for current future life.

Suggestion by George

Hi Glenda,

I ve been trying to figure out how to bring together readers and people wanting readings.

So far my efforts have led me to creating a directory on my divinatory arts web site:


Feel free to add yourself to the Tarot Readers section in the Directory, it s free for both readers and clients to use.

I m considering extending it to allow people to do their own tarot spreads and then pay for a reader to do the interpretations. I ve had requests for this.

hope you find it of interest,


I have some general questions about tarot cards and reading?

1. How do you shuffle your deck? I know it s a manner of preference, but I want some opinions. This leads into

2. Should I encourage reverse cards? Is this also a manner of preference?

3. What is a good spread for asking simple questions? Just shuffle and draw a card as an answer?

Suggestion by Meetu

First thing abt Tarot FOLLOW your INTUITION.

1. U can shuffle any way u like. Tarot cards r sacred. so handle them with respect. I shuffle like playing cards jus tht i do it much more respectfully and lovingly This is the easiest way for me as my hands ar a little small. They r ur companions.

2. Again its a matter of ur chioce. Reverse cards also indicate the same except tht the intensity of the msg of the card is reduced. Its more like planets going retrograde. I generally dont use reversed cards. Only if they fall from deck in a reversed manner i read them in tht way.

3. For simple questions u can do a one card reading or 5 card reading. again go with ur intuition. Sometimes a single card cant give u info as the issue goes deeper, so u can take either a clarification card or do a complete reading. Use bigger spreads for getting deeper insights.

Suggestion by Helen

1) Overhand (I have never been able to riffle shuffle any cards and I and don t want to damage my cards)

2) Not as a beginner, but later to add some depth to your dictionary/vocabulary

3) Single card or three card spread (past, present, future) or 2-card challenges spread (situation and challenges), or 2-card challenges spread plus likely outcome of current path/direction (the 3 main cards from the celtic cross spread for a specific issue).

There are some great tips in this site:


Suggestion by Rev. Lynn D.

I shuffle my deck as I would any other cards and it is a matter of preference. Some readers don t use reverse cards but I think that it limits you in your readings if reverse is not used. You don t have to encourage them, they will just happen.

I don t use a spread for questions. I throw 3 5 cards and sometimes even more if I don t get the answer right away.

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