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5 Sneaky Questions to Ask a Man

Hello. My name is Christian Rudder, and I work for OkCupid. the biggest free dating site in the United States. As my job has taught me, there s a certain amount of basic information that needs to be covered on any first date: Where are you from? What do you do? How many siblings do you have? But it s hard to get a full read on a new guy over one glass of wine in a noisy bar! So the team at Glamour asked us to reveal some conversational cues that will help you get to know the real him much faster (like, five-minutes-after-you-meet-him faster).

We took our assignment seriously. Using data from our 7 million users, we developed some statistical models that allow us to predict the questions to ask that will actually tell you something about him. We looked for superficial, chitchatty stuff that gives real insight into deep and significant things so you can make small talk and find out about the big issues while you re at it.

And now, from the dark depths of our database, here are five questions that reveal more than you d think:

If you really want to know:

Does he usually sleep with someone on the first date?

Then ask him:

Do you like beer?

Here s why:

Our research shows that beer lovers are about 60 percent more likely to be into sex on the first date! This is true of women, too. Take a look at the chart on the right for a more specific break-down. (A whopping 85 percent of guys who like beer are inter-ested in sex on the first date!)

So ask him he ll never know why. But remember: Since alcohol is also linked to increased risk of getting an STD, a wise follow-up here might be, Do you like the taste of penicillin? So go forth and get it on, but use a condom!

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