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7 Questions To Ask A Psychic About Love

Will I get married? is an all right question for a psychic but it could be better. Questions that yield a yes or no answer are too easy! There is no allowance for your change and development and your free will.

Therefore, you want to ask a psychic, questions that are open-ended. That way your psychic has to give a more detailed answer. This will help you to grow and learn more about yourself. A great example is show me the best path to love or show me the best path to marriage.

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Questions that start with ‘show me’ are great for a psychic. This way the psychic doesn’t tell you something you don’t want to hear. Also the future in not set in stone, so these questions allow some room for change. These questions about love and romance will also help you to choose what is best for you.

Another good question for a psychic about love is “what does the divine want me to know about my romantic life?’ Questions starting with what do you want me to know allow the psychic to tell you what she or he sees ahead for you.

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Also if you ask questions such when will I get married or when will I meet Mr. Right . what if the psychic tells you 10 years from now but then you do something to make it happen sooner? You may think the psychic reader was wrong but you changed your future.

Therefore, a better questions to ask is how can I attract Mr. Right into my destiny? If you are wanting to know whether the current relationship you are in will lead to marriage, a better question to ask is what can the divine tell me about my current relationship? .

It is hard for a psychic to read another person so she or he doesn’t know if something will change in your current relationship to send it down a different path.

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She or he also doesn’t know what your partner is thinking or feeling as they are not there for a psychic reading. Also with a yes or no question if something does change, you will want to know more or you may want to change the outcome, especially if you disagree with it.

Another good question is can the divine show me how to follow my heart in the best way for me? . This way you can make your own decisions for yourself rather than letting your psychic tell you what to do. A psychic is there to help guide you to make your own decisions. The clairvoyant cannot make any decisions for you.

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Or are you in a relationship that is not going so well and you need advice or help? Ask the psychic, how do I heal this relationship? Or can the divine show me how to heal this relationship? Or why is my relationship in trouble? .

Questions that begin with how or show me allow the psychic to help lead you in the right direction or to figure out what you really want. You may also want to ask ‘show me how to follow my heart or to find out what is in my heart.”

Questions that begin with where, when or who are often too restrictive. There are exceptions. Good examples are where should I look for my love? or Who will make me happy? . What and how questions make for a better approach such as what can I do to find true love? Or how can I be more attractive or approachable?

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A psychic reading can provide insight and clarity into your love life or your love conflicts. So knowing what questions to ask can help. This allows the psychic to tell you more about you and how to reach your best potential.

A good psychic reading isn’t about telling you what you want to hear but it should give you positive feedback as well as negative. It should also give you some insight on how to improve your love life and relationships for the future.

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