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Rapidly escalating medical costs coupled with a “lost decade” of declining wages have forced large numbers of Americans to cut back or discontinue basic medical services.

The numbers are staggering:

  • Approximately 85 million Americans do not have dental health insurance.
  • A fair amount of those with insurance, were still unable to receive proper dental care.
  • Many times patients with coverage end up having to pay the difference out-of-pocket.
  • Some 66 million people, around 40% of America’s working-age adults, didn’t go to the doctor or access other medical services last year because of the cost.
  • Medical bills are the number one cause of personal bankruptcy.
  • More patients are being corralled into managed care (HMO) where doctors see more than 50 patients per day.
  • As 78 million baby boomers become senior citizens the reverberations felt throughout the health care system and economy will be seismic.
  • Most people find dental pain so intolerable that they are unable to concentrate, sleep, work, or study.

AskADentistFree.com is part of the AskADentistFree.com Network, founded by a very experienced internet executive with deep expertise in marketing and mobile technology. Our mission at Ask Dentist Free Corp is to arm consumers with education, expert advice and a forum for open exchange on all matters relating to their dental health care. Our goal is to empower consumers, insured and uninsured, to take responsibility for their own dental health care.

AskADentistFree.com will provide you with a complete printable checklist to “Ask A Dentist” for your next office visit.

Our most daring and innovative endeavor is to provide consumers with free access to medical doctors around the world.

*Commonwealth Fund’s Biennial Health Insurance Survey

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