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Accredited Online Diploma Programs

With DTU, you can get a diploma online, straight from the comfort of your home. Choose a desired online diploma program that suits your need best from the list of DTU’s online diplomas designed by leading professionals from around the world to impart an in-depth study of specific areas to individuals. These online university diplomas are popular among working adults, job seekers and students who want to gain knowledge and build skills in their relevant academic and professional areas.

Daltown University’s online accredited diploma programs offer a wide choice of 71 specialized fields of study so individuals can choose the one that can help them adapt to changes in their present careers or step into new fields.

To gain more information on the available diploma programs, fields of specialization, diploma requirements, fee structure and application process, select the diploma program you wish to pursue:

Undergraduate Diploma at DTU

Getting an Undergraduate Diploma is no longer difficult or expensive. Irrespective of your geographical location or your professional status, you can obtain an accredited Online Undergraduate Diploma in any field you wish to specialize at DTU. Daltown University offers you accredited undergraduate diplomas that can become your key to excel academically and professionally in record time.

Graduate Diploma at DTU

DTU offers a unique Online Graduate Diploma Program that reaches students around the world. Individuals can earn graduate diplomas with each program offering a spectrum of courses relevant to today’s work environment. Our online graduate diplomas offer unparalleled learning to individuals allowing them to meet their educational and career objectives successfully.

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Law & Legal Studies

  • Nursing

  • Social Services

  • Occupational Safety

  • Political Sciences

  • Performing Arts

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    As one of the leading online universities, Daltown’s online community of global students, faculty and alumni create a platform for endless professional & personal possibilities.

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