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Out of date speeding prosecution?

I have received a notice of intended prosecution alleging that I was speeding; namely that I was driving at 36MPH in a 30MPH zone. I have received the notice of intended prosecution this week (i.e. last week of March) but the alleged offence took place in November 2014. Can I still be prosecuted for this speeding offence despite the time it has taken for the police to send me the notice of intended prosecution?

Victim of Fraud

I have been defrauded by a company claiming to be an estate agency called Arch Estate Agents.

I found an ad on where one of the employees had posted a room which I was interested in.

Went to have a look at it and decided later on to take it, and was asked to pay in the deposit of £600 and I would get a receipt sent to my email. I got a receipt, but the number wasn’t correct on it so I didn’t sign anything. Was then trying to set up a meeting to sign the contract and to get my keys, which got postponed several times, or suggested that I could pay in the rent and they would email me the contract so I could sign it and they’d drop the keys off on their way home or so. Eventually I got a meeting set up,to meet someone I hadn’t been in contact with before, at the office. Got there, no office exist, and the guy doesn’t show up. I tried to call all the numbers I had to these contacts with no success. After half an hour I left, texted them and emailed them letting them know how unhappy I was with their service and that I’d like my money back. Took me a week and a half to get in touch with one of them again, and the guy I spoke to thought I already got the money back. So now I’ve been contacted by a third person, the administrator, and she told me that the deposit is theirs, but I could contact a solicitor if I wanted to try to get my money back. After I replied, asking them to call me back, I haven’t heard anything.

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