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Common problems when it comes to getting quality medical information

Traditional office visits are often too rushed to adequately address individual concerns. Most web sites providing medical information are appealing to the broadest possible audience. Sometimes symptoms are frightening but it’s unclear if a visit to the clinic or emergency room is necessary. Medical terminology can cause confusion and sometimes a diagnosis is given or therapies are recommended that aren’t understood.

Our Simple Solution

The idea of  is to put an expert at your disposal. Your question and history will be reviewed and your concern individually answered in plain language by an experienced physician or allied expert. Someone who can make sense of the internet and the doctor’s office.

In exchange for no advertising banners, no reselling of your information, or any other commercial pressure or bias, we ask for a small fee, $25 per question. You will receive, to your email, a succinct straightforward answer to your health related question.

Internet information is overwhelming, confusing, and sometimes contradictory. Even reputable sites are mostly trying to appeal to the broadest possible audience. In today’s brick and mortar medical world, individualized care is often too time-consuming to be sustainable.

The first topic we address is menopause. Our menopause physician specialist has 25+ years of clinical experience, including over a decade as founder and physician at The Menopause Center in Orlando, FL. Her expertise is at your disposal, click here to ask your menopause question.   Be sure to let us know the next topic you would like to see added to by completing the poll .  is not a substitute for the doctor-patient relationship.

We look forward to answering your question.

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