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  • “As we discovered health concern after midnight, I was in need of 24/7 advice on the situation and whether or not it was emergent. I connected through and spoke with Dr. Laura who verified my initial diagnosis of thrombophlebitis and had good advice. She put my mind at ease. During the conversation, my browser crashed and I lost the chat. Dr. Laura immediately followed up via email to continue the conversation. She was prompt, clear and understanding of my problem. I thoroughly appreciated the attention and professional advice. Thank you!
  • Jay Holben, Hollywood Producer & Director, Adakin Productions USA
  • “Many thanks for the doctor’s prompt support and help. I appreciate consulting professional doctors onboard”

    Ed PiotrowskiВ is WPDE Newschannel 15’s Chief Meteorologist,

  • “I have tried asking my health question to different online doctors websites and lost my valuable 100$ asking doctors. But when I interacted with Dr. Paul through Live Chat and shared my scanned reports, I became completely satisfied with his suggestions and preventive advises. I had chatted for an hour and amazingly they just charged 9.99$. I don’t have words to thank you for the favor has served and Kudos to Dr. Paul who was Extremely helpful and polite.”

    Susan Adams, New Jersy USA

  • “Thank you so much to both of you. I appreciate all the hard work that you two have put in through schooling and studying for you to be able to be on this website and help so many people”Johnny, USA
  • “Thanks to the doctor who helped me understanding my disease in details that even my treating doctor couldn’t do. Amazing help in so low cost and Five stars to your prompt help.”Evan Kirchner,Camden US

    ” My health insurance is over. Great appreciate to the health expert for providing his valuable time to me in such a small money. I will recommend this site to my family and colleagues. Feeling great 🙂Gracia Sam, NY US

    “I was so stressed and really scared to visit to a doctor. Thank you so much doctor for your assurance that I don’t have that serious disorder. Wonderful concept of unlimited time”Saeed Abraham, UAE

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