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Privacy in your home or office -for previously diagnosed recurring conditions. Prescriptions for Men’s Male Pattern Hair loss: AVODART: More effective than Propecia for male pattern hair loss. Dual acting 5 alpha reductase inhibitor.

PROPECIA/PROSCAR: prescription men’s hair loss treatment

MINOXIDIL 15% 20%, 30%: Prescription strength for Male Pattern hair loss. Use alone or with Avodart or Propecia

NIZORAL 2% SHAMPOO: Prescription strength dandruff shampoo and for male hair loss

Prescriptions for venereal disease – sexually transmitted diseases – genital herpes and warts: ALDARA: genital warts prescription cream

CONDYLOX GEL : genital warts prescription medication

VALTREX: genital herpes treatment and suppression

Prescriptions for skin treatments: acne and anti wrinkle/anti-aging DIFFERIN : Acne treatment – more effective than Retin-A and gentle to the skin

RENOVA: Only FDA-approved anti-wrinkle/anti-aging prescription cream

Prescriptions for Skin and Nails and Nail Fungus infections: PENLAC NAIL LACQUER: Topical FDA-approved nail fungus treatment

Prescriptions for vaginal yeast infection: DIFLUCAN: Vaginal yeast infection ONE pill and NO messy monistat cream

Prescriptions for Women’s Unwanted facial hair: VANIQA: FDA-approved STOPS women’s unwanted facial hair. No more tweezing!

Prescriptions for adult periodontal gum disease: PERIOSTAT : Only FDA-approved prescription pill that can help you save your teeth


PREVIDENT: Prescription topical fluoride toothpaste to prevent cavities and tooth decay

Prescriptions for cold sores: DENAVIR: Prescription Cold Sore treatment

Prescriptions for weight loss: XENICAL (pronounced zenical): SAFE prescription fat blocker DIET PILL

Prescriptions for allergy symptoms: CLARINEX: 24 hour prescription antihistamine (improved version of Claritin)

Receive a doctor’s prescription without the hassles of making a doctor’s appointment, waiting, high fees, embarrassment. Visit the doctor online. Our service is DIFFERENT from other online prescriptions services on the web. We do not offer “free doctor consult” and require medication purchase at inflated prices – check the cost of medication first! Also medications shipped from foreign non-FDA regulated pharmacies are not guaranteed to be the same formulation as USA pharmacies – BEWARE! WE LET YOU CHOOSE ANY PHARMACY OF YOUR CHOICE TO FILL YOUR PRESCRIPTION!

  • Choose your local pharmacy and pick up your prescription within 24 hours
  • Choose the pharmacy that offers the best price
  • Choose the pharmacy that accepts your medical insurance plan

We offer RISK-FREE consultations – you pay only if you are approved for a prescription. If not approved there is no fee for the service. But what we don’t do is offer “free consultations” with the consultation fee hidden in the cost of the medication. We issue you a prescription valid in any US pharmacy. You can fill your prescription at the pharmacy that offers you the best price or one that accepts your medical insurance.

EXPRESS SERVICE AVAILABLE. Your prescription can be called into any pharmacy of your choice and you can pick up your medication within approximately 24 hours or less.

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