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Paid Vedic Astrology Service Features

  • Astrological analysis of Birth chart
  • Astrological analysis of Dasha(s), Married life, Career, Progeny (Santan) etc.
  • Astrological analysis of Navmansha (Divisional Chart 9) chart
  • Astrological analysis of Saptansha chart (Divisional chart 7) in case of issues related to progeny.
  • Astrological analysis of Dashmansha Chart (Divisional Chart 10) for profession.
  • And other related charts as and when required.
  • Astrological analysis related to Progeny Khsetrasfut and Beejsfut will be checked (female and male )
  • Apart from the above, astrological analysis with the help of Vinshottari Dasha and Jaimini dasha or any other dasha (specific like dwisaptsiti or chatrushiti dasha etc. will be applied.)

Just make sure you give the following details in your queries while posting your prediction query:

  • For Kundli /Horoscope Queries :
  1. Name
  2. Date of Birth (DD-MM-YYYY )
  3. Time of Birth
  4. Place of Birth
  5. Question
  6. Astrology Analysis type desired :Paid /Free
  • For Free Prashnalagna / Prashna Shastra/ Horary Queries :
  1. Name
  2. Time of Question
  3. Place of Questions
  4. Question

For paid astrology queries, just leave a comment with your email id and I will take it from there.

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