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Quistion 7- Sports.

Ok i just want to point out something real quik. Starting today im only writing posts for certain quistions. And im only making viedos for elite quistions. I just wanted to get that out of the way first. Ok now on to buisness.

Fede023 asks.

Dear ask a geek

Do geeks like to play sports??

Or they rather stay inside studying to get a 100% on a test??

Also,do geeks get something good for being a geek??


Ok fede thats a good quistion. There is two awnsers depinding on how you look at it.

If a mathothon is concederd a sport than heck yeah man. We are the most athletic people you will ever meet.

But if math or science compitiosions dont count than we suck at sports. We couldent make a touchdown in basketball if our like depeded on it. Or a home run in hocky.

So it depends on how you look at it. Although our fingers get really strong after we move them so fast on that caculater.

People dont appericate it but geeks are strong in ways. You guys try typing things on a caculater 16 hours a day. And then after that pressing the arrow keys for world of warcraft.

I hope that awnsers you quistion

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