Ask a Geek – sessions – SchipulCon 2011 Houston, Texas USA SchipulCon 2011

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Ask a Geek sessions

The team behind SchipulCon are passionate teachers and knowledge sharers. We’d totally mind meld with you if we could, just so we could get your secret family recipe for perfect figgy pudding and you could learn how to feed search engine spiders and save yourself from zombie attack (we are multi-disciplined).

Have a Web question you’ve been dying to ask?

We’ll have resident geeks on staff to help you with those pressing Web questions – sign up for your FREE 20 minute hands on – brain pickin’ time slot to tap into the minds of some pretty smart SchipulCon ‘bots!

Here are our topics du’jour, register for your time slot and help topic by completing this request form. We’ll get back with you shortly to connect on exact times – and will have openings for sign-ups during the event too.

October 6th (Day One) afternoon:

October 7th (Day Two) morning:

  • Tendenci 4
  • Tendenci 5
  • WordPress
  • Twitter

October 7th (Day Two) afternoon:

Haven’t gotten those SchipulCon tickets yet? Don’t delay! Much awesomeness and marketing clarity await!

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