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Ask a Lawyer for Free

Clients always ask me questions like, “how much do you charge?” “what is your hourly rate?” or “how much will this particular piece of work cost?” to which I answer “it all depends on the facts of your matter or case, the time and cost of necessary resources (like expert witnesses, reports, psychological evaluations, forensic auditor etc).”

“Ask a Lawyer for Free” is basically another word for consultation. What client’s do not realize is a consultation is about listening to the client in order to understand the reasons for seeking legal counsel. Only by learning about a client’s case can a lawyer begin to answer the above questions regarding.

Legal advice unfortunately is expensive, and for those with low incomes or who are in a difficult position financially, access to justice may not be possible. Legal aid is provided in British Columbia by the Legal Services Society (LSS), which is a non-profit organization created by the LSS Act in 1979 to provide legal information, advice, and representation services to people with low incomes.

Below is a link to the Legal Services Society of BC.

Telephone details for LSS:

Again, depending on your situation and your case, you may be eligible for legal aid.

If you would like more information or would like schedule a consultation, please contact me. My website:

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