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Note: We receive too many questions to answer them all.

Questions with online answers that are unlikely to be answered again.

If your question is about something on the list below, click the relevant link for an answer so you don’t have to ask the question.

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    When will I get a job? Will I pass the exam? When will my finances get better? Will I be able to travel/go abroad? What name is best? When will I meet my soul mate? Will I marry the person I’m thinking of? When will I get married? When will I get pregnant? Will my baby be a boy or girl? Will my marriage be good? Who will I marry? Will my marriage be arranged or love? My marriage has problems. What can I do? When will I die? I want to know everything about my life career, partner, love, fame, wealth, health, family everything. What does full name at birth really mean? Why don’t you answer questions from minors?

How I decide which questions to answer.

I do not have the time available to answer all questions. Some valid questions will never be answered because of my lack of time. Blocks of dozens of older questions may be removed from the queue without reading them so later questions can be focused on.

Please read the rest of this document to see which questions generally are discarded.

Numerology is a science that requires the name and/or birth date in order to do a reading. With both the full birth name and birth date. readings can often be more accurate.

Therefore, the first criteria about whether or not I will respond to a question is whether or not the requested information was included.

If the name provided is a one-word name or one word and an initial, I generally assume it is not the full name at birth. If your full name at birth is one word or one word and an initial, say so when you ask your question so I will know with certainty.

If the question involves other personalities, then the name and birth date of those personalities will usually allow for better answers.

Numerology is not necessarily a psychic science. Rather, it uses numerical calculations to arrive at answers.

Therefore, questions that require a psychic or clairvoyant answer generally are not answered with numerology in the Numerology Answers section of this web site.

An example would be, “Who will I marry?”

Numerology can provide answers about the time periods when marriage will be more likely than other time periods. But divining who the mate will be is a question that may best be answered by a qualified psychic or clairvoyant.

The questions we receive are not opened for reading until they are being considered for immediate answering.

I do not respond to individual “when will my question be answered” queries. Your question will not be opened until I am ready to consider it or has already been opened and decided upon.

Many questions are submitted to me. Because this is a volunteer service, there is usually a delay of days or even weeks or much longer between question and response, if there is a response at all.

Some questions are unlikely to be answered. These generally are questions that have been answered previously or repetitively, questions from minors, questions not appropriate for answering with numerology, and questions I feel unable to answer. Use the search box on this web page to see if similar questions have been answered already.

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