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Questions Answers About Our Free Service

Are these real pharmacists answering questions?

How can this site be free?

This site is free because we believe everyone should be able to ask a pharmacist questions and receive answers to those questions, no matter their ability to pay or their ability to access a pharmacy.

Is it really free? Do I have to register?

Yes, we provide this service absolutely free with no registration. You can ask a licensed pharmacist an unlimited number of questions and you will never have to register or give credit card information. Ever. ​

Why Use This site?

We provide the ability for ANYONE to ask a pharmacist a medical question and get an answer from a licensed pharmacist in less than a day with no fee and no registration. Our goal is to build a vast resource of health questions and answers that anyone can use!

​1. We will never charge anyone for asking questions and receiving answers. Those sites cost $5-$10 a question!​

2. We answer questions in less than 24 hours! They can take days to answer questions!

3. Have you seen our responses in our archive? We provide detailed answers/information and of course you are free to ask follow up questions!

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