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What Should I Ask A Psychic?

Ask a psychic a free question online

When you find yourself looking towards the future and wondering what your life may hold for you, there are many options for you to consider. Many people turn towards psychic readings in order to learn more about their future. In order to receive a reading that is more accurate, it is important for you to understand more about live online psychic readings and the questions that you should ask.

What is a psychic reading?

A psychic reading is where a person reads your energy field to get information using a heightened sense of perception. In other words, the person who is conducting the reading, can look at and feel your energy (aura) and learn more about your future, and give you advice on making better choice s to create a better out come in your life.

There are four basic ways that this can be completed and are defined as follows:

Clairvoyant – use of vision

Clairsentience – use of feeling

Claircognisance – factual knowing

Clairaudience – use of hearing

The most important part of any psychic reading is the results that are given.

What are the different types of Online Psychic Readings?

There are many different types of Psychic Readings and each has their own benefits and results. Each are conducted differently by those who specialize in that specific style of reading and most psychic are skilled in only a handful of these reading types.

Of the many types of readings, the most popular are astrology, numerology, palm reading, clairvoyant, and tarot reading. One of the biggest differences in styles is the way that these readings are complete. While some of the styles have specific tools that are used, others use nothing at all and some are even possible without the reader being in the same room as person.

What types of questions are popular?

Most people who have an online psychic reading feel that they should ask generic questions that regard their future on the broad spectrum. These are considered passive questions. These are the questions that you would ask and get a simple answer, usually yes or no.

For example, one popular passive question would be “Will I get married?”. While this is something that many people desire to know, it is a difficult question to answer during a reading because our futures are not always set in stone and can change over time.

Other questions that people may ask are considered reassurance or doubt questions. These questions are asked when someone has a decision to make and is seeking guidance as to what they should do next.

For example, in regards to marriage, one might ask the questions “Should I get married?” This is a typical question that resolves around doubt or reassurance. While these questions cannot be answered with a simple yes or no answer, they do provide the opportunity to talk more about the results of your decision.

One way to reword such a question may be, “Why do I doubt that I should get married?” By asking the question in this manner, the psychic will be better able to provide a helpful answer by using the method of psychic reading that has been chosen.

Other popular questions that are commonly asked are related to questions of when, where and who. However, these questions tend to be restrictive and are not good options when having a psychic reading. For example, by asking; “When will I meet the person I will marry?”; you are asking the reader to give you a specific date and time when you will meet the love of your life.

This is difficult to answer because you are not taking into consideration the act of free will. Our futures are not set in stone, so determining an exact point in time when you will meet someone or do something is extremely difficult to do. A better way to ask this question would be, “Where should I start looking for love?”

What types of questions should I ask?

Some of the best questions that you can ask during a psychic reading are ones that ask what or how. This is considered and active approach and will most likely give you better results than if you ask passive questions.

Some example questions may be:

How can I perform better at work?

What is the best way to improve my relationship.

How can I make my life better?

What can I do to find love in my life?

3 Questions that you should ask during your reading

In order to receive the best reading possible, there are a few questions that you should focus on. Of these questions it is a good idea to ask at least one, but the more you ask, the better information and guidance that you will receive.

One of the first questions you should ask is, “What do I need to know the most?” This is a great way to start out a psychic reading and may lead you down the road that you were hoping to travel. More than likely, after asking this question, you will now be opened up to asking more beneficial questions as the reading progresses.

Another question you should consider is “How should I move forward with my life? Or What is hindering me from moving forward?” If you have something that you are trying to accomplish, this is a great way to learn more about the things that are holding you back from achieving them.

“How can I live up to my potential?” is yet another fantastic question to ask during a psychic reading. By asking this question, your reader will be able to provide you with specific steps that you should take in order to get you to the point that you want to be at.

It is also a good idea to decide where you want your life to be heading before you ask this question as well. Without having a clear end game in your mind, you may find that it is difficult to live to your full potential.

Think about your questions beforehand

When you schedule your psychic reading . it is important that you come prepared with a list of questions that you intend to ask, just as you would in a job interview. While you may not cover all these questions, understanding what you are expecting from your reading is an important step when it comes to receiving beneficial information.

This is also a great way to make sure that you are asking active questions that their answers will actually benefit you in some way. Avoid asking the simple yes or no questions and prepare for a session that is full of empowerment.

Things to Keep in Mind

The quality of your questions directly relates to the quality of the answers that you will be provided. If you ask simple or passive questions, you should expect to receive generic answers, which are probably not as helpful as answers to more active questions.

Keep in mind simple things that you do on a daily basis. For example, when you are asking someone for directions, it is much easier if the person knows where you are trying to go. The same is true for a psychic reading; there is always somewhere that we are all trying to get to. By giving your reader more information regarding where you want to end up in life, your psychic reader will be able to provide better information on the best path to take.

How to prepare for an online psychic reading

There are also some ways that you can prepare yourself to be more receptive during your reading. The most important thing is to enjoy the experience and to be relaxed. This can help with the energy that is being portrayed through you to the reader. Sign up for free online psychic reading live.

One way to make sure that you are relaxed and enjoying yourself, is to prepare yourself mentally before you begin your reading. This involves preparing your questions and thinking about the results that you are looking to receive.

If you are having the reading done over the phone, it is important that you make sure that your phone is working properly and you will be able to hear the reader as well. Before you begin your reading make sure that you are comfortable and that you are prepared to hold the phone or have made comfortable arrangements for hearing the call.

Have a notebook handy so that you can take notes and be sure to avoid distractions during this time as well.

When you are considering a psychic reading . there is a lot of thought that you must put into the process. You will need to choose the person to do the reading and the style that you wish them to use. This you will need to research well ahead of time and relay this information when you set up your appointment.

You will also need to come prepared with the proper questions and mental attitude. Remember, a psychic reading is based upon where you are looking to be in the future. Because of our free will, it may not be possible for someone to predict exactly what will happen in the future, but they will be able to give guidance as to the steps you can take in order to get where you want to go.

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