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Ask a Question, get an Answer – Social Security Disability and SSI

First. the laundry list of do’s and don’ts.

Item 1: Very important and please pay attention: This website is not the Social Security Administration, and is not connected with, and not affiliated with the Social Security Administration in any way. Please do not submit requests for the status on your case because, at the risk of being very redundant. we are not the Social Security Administration.

Item 2: Very specific questions about any ongoing case should always be referred to your local SSA office. That way, you can ensure that the answer you get is actually relevant to your specific case.

Item 3: Also, do not enclose your personal information such as your date of birth or SSN. It is never safe to do this online. For example, even if your own personal email was hacked, your “sent” emails could be obtained and the personal information you recorded could become available to others. Obviously, then, this is not a good idea and certainly not safe to do. If you send us a question with this type of information embedded in it, at the risk of sounding mean. the question will not be answered.


If you have a question about filing for disability benefits, or filing an appeal after a denial, or have a question about eligibility requirements for disability benefits in general under either the SSD or SSI program, please submit the question to:

The question/answer portion is currently unavailable. Please visit the SSDRC facebook page: Social Security Disability Resource Center (SSDRC posts on facebook ).

Note: If you find the site helpful, please consider giving the site a Google Plus. a Facebook like, or a tweet to share either the homepage or any page on the website that you think may be useful to others. The purpose of this website is to provide information and act as a helping resource, so the more people who know about it, the better it can serve that mission.

Special note: Your question and answer will be posted on a webpage so that you may view it and so that others who have a similar question and/or situation may view it and hopefully learn useful information from the information we have answered with. But with that in mind, please do not post identifying information about yourself. This includes your actual name, date of birth, and SSN. It is preferred that you not even use your actual name since, in the age of modern hacking and security issues, this, too, is personally identifying information.

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