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How Do I Ask A Question?

Spiceworks Support Questions

If you have a support question and you can’t find the information in our support documentation. please post a question in the Support Forum.

  • Navigate to the Spiceworks Support forum and click the “Ask Question” link in the toolbar.
  • First, you need to give your question a title. You want to choose a brief statement that sums up your problem. Make sure you check the related topics that are listed once you start typing. Unless your question is very specific, I can promise you it’s been asked before.
  • Enter the details for your question. Add as many as you can think of. If you want help, people are going to need to know the specific details of your problem, so save everyone the trouble of asking for them and go ahead and provide them.
  • Now you can choose whether to be notified by email when responses are posted to your question.
  • You can also add an attachment here. You might want to add a screenshot or something that might help someone figure out your problem.

Spiceworks Feature Requests

IT Questions

The Spiceworks Community is a great resource for all of your IT questions. Check out the discussion groups to find questions and answers that might help you out. If you can’t find the answer you are looking for, post it yourself.

  • To choose which group your question is posted in, navigate to that group and ask the question from there. Click Ask Question on the toolbar at the top of the page.
  • Enter a brief description of your request and click Next.
  • Enter a more detailed description of your question. Be sure to include pertinent information such as OS, browser, etc.
  • Select whether your post is a discussion or a question and choose to be emailed when responses are posted, then click Submit. You can also add attachments at this point by clicking the Attachment button.

What’s The Difference Between A Discussion And A Question?

If you need a specific answer it’s a question; such as, you’re trying to figure out how to delete a ticket. If you want to hear many different answers from different users, it is a discussion; such as, If you want to know how long other users keep their backup tapes.

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