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If you have a question about any of our services that has not been answered in the FAQ section of our website, or a question about whether your situation is an appropriate one for our services, please ask your question below.

We are sorry, but we do not provide developmental or clinical advice to questions submitted by email. To arrange an appointment with one of our Family Guidance Service clinicians to discuss your concern, please submit a Request for Consultation form giving as much information as possible.

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“Three years ago, my older child was an enigma- very smart, funny, creative, but also terrif

As the Lucy Daniels Center celebrates its 20th year of service to the children of the Triang

“Contacting the LDC was the best decision I ever made for my son. I can’t begin to thank you

“Finding out about the Lucy Daniels Center changed all of our lives. Not only did we find he

Witness his performance on the stage, and you might never know that, as a three-year old, he

“The toll of a loved one’s death, divorce and chronic illness can complicate the lives of a

“I have visited many therapeutic preschools both in the U.S. and abroad, but your program is

“As a parent, I was struck by several things that make this preschool program different from

“To make a long story short, we had a great many difficulties with our daughter, when my hus

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