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Ask a Teacher: Country Guitar Tone

Question: I want to use the Country Licks Solos Book. but could you tell me how you create the sound, i.e, amp and effects you use? Thank you for your time. Best Wishes -JOHN

Peter. Hey John good to hear from you. My choice for country is a fender twin. I use a tele and typically play through the bridge pick up-single coil. The amp settings a pretty much middle of the road with the amp volume up pretty high as the twin is a very clean amp. If I am on a gig where volume is an issue I use a fender deluxe which is tweaked to sound cleaner than most-less distortion. I typically use a little bit of reverb, a delay pedal with a quick setting-around 100 to 120 mil sec. I use a compressor pedal and sometimes a very little bit of chorus. The best way to use these effects are as follows: run the guitar through the compressor into the main input of the amp. Use the chorus and delay into the effects loop of the amp. If you are using a mulit effect pedal always run it into the effects loop or pre amp in and out of amp. To learn how to do this correctly you will have to find some directions or ask at your local music store. I also use a hybrid set of guitar strings-starting with 9s on the first three and heavier on the bottom 3 strings. Everyone does it different so don t be afraid to experiment. Sure hope this helps.

Question. I am really enjoying your Country Licks and Solo DVD and book. Do you have the bright switch turned on your twin amp. I m having problems getting the sound. I am using a Boss CS3 compressor and a Boss DD6 Delay pedal. Reverb at 2 Also are you using a medium pick? Ron

Peter. Hey Ron good to hear from you. No I don t use the bright switch. Have never liked it. I am using a medium pick-the green tortex dunlop. Telecaster on bridge pickup-single coil. The twin I am using is a reissue black face-though I am sure the original black face would be better. Use the compressor pedal sparingly as the the boss tends to be heavy handed with it s compression. When I recorded these tracks I had the amp in another room cranked really loud . Hope this helps.

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