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Fresh Out of old boyfriends

Dear Yeti, I am fresh out!

In 2014, I broke up with my 12 year boyfriend,, and now I have met a man that has broken out a 20 year marriage. We are dating,and I like him,but I still am mentally,emotionally, and physically attracted to my 14 year crush. When I clixax I think of him, and when I close my eyes and kiss my now boyfriend I think of him. I try to push my married crush out of my mind, yet he keeps resurfacing to the point that I secretly indulge my desire by calling his name in my mind while being pleased by new boyfriend just as I used to do with 12 yr boyfriend.. ADVISE PLEASE!

The Mysterious Female O

I Think I m In Love With My Boss

Accepting My Gay Son

The Accidental Bootycall

The Road Not Taken

I have been attending school on and off since 1987. I raised my children during this time and took off time on and off for jobs. I have always claimed a major in Psychology in Secondary Education and Special Education. I love working with children but lately I am questioning my choices in Career because when I first started I was going to be

Daddy Swap

I recently found out that I am three months pregnant. The problem is that my boyfriend and I have only been dating for two months. I wish this all wasn’t happening because we really do love each other and I don’t know what to do. I don’t want to lose him, so is there a way I can make him think the baby is his? I know he will be the best father for the child. Do you think this will work?

The Closet Bi-Sexual

This may sound wierd to you because its probably never happened before on your website. I am of bisexual orientation which means I experience sexual, emotional, or affectional attractions between both sex’s. I have been really down lately. I started having feeling for this boy about a year ago, and at first i was surprised at the fact that i was feeling anything toward another guy, but eventually I just kind of went with it. I loved him from a distance, because thats all I could do. I was friends with him and someone who hated him and bothered him all the time for being bi. I knew that if I was discovered as a member of the bisexual community then I would share his fate. After a few months, I tried to h

The Wondering Eye

I have been married for going on two years now. My husband is the apple of my eye. I think about him all day when we are not together. I’m not trying to sound obsessed but I love him a lot. When we go out I sometimes catch him looking at other women. This makes me insane with rage and I can’t say a

It s Probably Racial

I am in a three-year relationship with a man from a different race to who I am recently engaged. My family and friends have been nothing but supportive but I am starting to feel pressure from his side. I feel that their culture is so serious and exclusive. Now that things are getting more serious I feel like they are objecting to our possible future together.

The Spanish Ginger

I’m 22 and in my last year of college and I’ve had a crush on this guy at my university who is a year younger than me and who is going into his 2nd year; the thing is that I study overseas. We will both be leaving our university and going different countries come next summer but I can help but have a crush on this guy now and it’s been about six weeks.

College Credit Crunch

I am just about to graduate from college with a degree in finance from Grand Junction Co. I grew up in my mom’s house. She was a single parent and a teacher. Paying for school was difficult. She did all she can to help me through school but I have mostly been on my own since I started school.

An Equation for Procrastination

I am a mexican guy who came to the Netherlands to study a master in economics two years ago. Of course I dont have money so I do this on a scholarship by the Netherlands government. My problem is that Im supposed to be finished with the program about these days and I still owe a bunch of papers plus my thesis. I [. ]



I For a while now my circle of friends has consisted of myself, Becca, and Alexa. Everything was going fine until I brought a guy into the group, Kevin. I liked him, but all of a sudden Becca and Alexa started liking him. Kevin and Becca grew feelings for each other and went behind my back to hang out. Alexa started going crazy and yelling at everyone.

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