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Marital mess leads to fraud and deceit

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Dear Amy: I am stuck in a no-win situation. Two years ago I ended my marriage after five years with “John” when I met my (now) partner “Jane,” who is a police officer. The last two years have been a roller coaster, as John and Jane do not like each other.

John stayed an involved father, making sure our sons were taken care of and visiting them whenever he could. Meanwhile Jane was trying to prove that she could take John’s place and provide all the same love, care and material possessions that John could, while also rubbing John’s nose in it whenever possible.

Six months ago, I was awarded sole custody of my two sons when I was injured in an accident and Jane filed a police report saying that John came to our home while drunk and beat me up (this didn’t actually happen).

Jane’s relative represented me in family court and very quickly filed the motion through the court, barring any contact between my sons and their dad on the grounds of domestic violence and alcoholism.

I feel very sorry and guilty for everything that Jane has put John through, but I am afraid that if I show any remorse for John, Jane will take that as a personal attack.

How can I show Jane that she does not need to continue trying to prove to me that she can replace John? — Stuck

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