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Cloud ERP platform becoming likely choice for manufacturing SMBs

Manufacturing SMBs are finding a cloud ERP platform to be their best option. It gives them the advantages of a world-class.

Salesforce IoT cloud may already be proving its value

Infor hits top tier in report comparing ERP implementations

Panorama’s ERP implementations report showed that Infor has joined the big three of SAP, Oracle and Microsoft, and that.

Search Oracle

IOUG president champions resilience in the IT profession

Maria Anderson, IOUG president, believes that resilience is crucial to thriving in the IT profession. IT professionals need to.

Pool pump motor shows off end-to-end Oracle IoT implementation

Oracle IaaS takes on AWS with Elastic Compute Cloud service

Oracle rolled out more cloud services at OpenWorld 2015, topped by a public cloud addition to its Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.

Search Data Management

Choices widen for BI big data tools

Once upon a time not too long ago, when the term big data was born and bandied about, most companies viewed using big data as.

IT pros talk top enterprise NoSQL architecture challenges

Negotiate your way through the BI big data gauntlet

Big data analytics tools are more accessible and easier to use now than ever before, but factors such as product performance and.

Search AWS

AWS Config add-on automates AWS tags creation

AWS Config Rules allows administrators to automate tagging for resources, helping to improve security, prevent sprawl and keep.

New RDS snapshot sharing raises cloud security concerns

AWS plays host to Amazon SES alternatives

A company whose products share a market with Amazon SES talks about what it’s like to base its operations on AWS, and shares what.

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How predictive analytics in healthcare can lower readmissions

UPMC and University of Tennessee Medical Center are benefitting from healthcare analytics to reduce their readmission rates.

A buyer’s guide to selecting the right big data analytics software

Adoption of self-service BI tools requires convincing

Getting business users to move away from spreadsheets toward dashboards can be challenging, but pays off in the end when.

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CRM marketplace could undergo new competition

While the CRM market has long been dominated by a small cohort of established providers, new niche players could shake up the.

How to deliver quality mobile customer service

Oracle announces cloud-based CRM knowledge management

Oracle expands knowledge management tools for its service cloud; SalesforceIQ for Small Business gets customer service.

Search Content Management

OpenText content management gets boost in OpenText Suite 16

OpenText has launched OpenText Suite 16, with new capabilities to build apps on top of OpenText, as well as upgrades to its.

Analytics initiative success can turn on quality of data

Why information governance strategy equals information access

Information governance strategy needs to facilitate proper collection of information, accommodate human error and legacy systems.

Search Financial Applications

Steps to take before implementing a cloud-based HCM system

You can make your move to a cloud-based human capital management system easier with the right vision, plan, technology and.

The benefits of using CPM analytical tools for budgeting

Workforce analytics experts share secrets for finding ROI in talent

Senior managers from three major brands outlined the organizational structures of their analytics teams and shared best practices.

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