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Got a theological question? Ever wanted to raise your hand during a sermon and ask for the speaker to clarify something? Asking questions is an important part of understanding and growing faith.

Every so often we open up our teaching time in service to allow everyone the opportunity to ask anything. Unfortunately, time is the major limiting factor, and as hard as we might try, all questions are not answered during our Ask Anything Sundays.

To help solve that problem, we have taken Ask Anything to the internet. Questions that are asked but left out due to time will be answered here.

Between those special Sundays, Ask Anything is available everday on the internet. You can always ask us a question through the form below. Trinity’s teaching team will do it’s best to answer your question and post it on our website.

Ask your theological question below. If you want a personalized response, make sure you enter your name and email. All questions will be posted anonymously. It make take up to two weeks for your answer to be posted on the Any Anything blog.

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