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Hello my name is Connie Keane, a Motor Matters automotive expert, and I welcome you to this home page blog. I invite you to view our auto blog pages here where I provide brief highlights of our weekly automotive articles, which we distribute nationally to media publications. I manage a team of 18 expert automotive writers and you can view their biographies at this link on About Motor Matters.

In this blog I answer the question: Who is Motor Matters?

Tom Keane 1967

Motor Matters has been producing automotive content long before it became known as content.

The origins of this business started with my late father, Tom Keane, a long-time newspaperman and an award-winning photojournalist. He wrote the new car reports for the front page weekend classified section of the Wilmington, Del. News Journal. In 1986, he decided to strike out on his own with a plan to offer editorial support to the advertorial classified sections of newspapers in small, medium and major metropolitan areas. He grew a trusted brand and in 1992 formed Motor Matters, attracting a team of qualified automotive writers from throughout the United States.

Expertise is our wheelhouse

Coming from a newspaper background, our training is rooted in accuracy, good writing, credibility, fact-checking, interviewing industry executives, and getting it right. Engaging readers has been the focus and lifeblood of our consistent work. Our product is clean, easy-to-understand, readable and informative. We write for everyone, so that cars are not intimidating, too technical or only for gearheads and enthusiasts.

The experts at Motor Matters know how to talk about cars in an easy fashion. There are 18 of us who are professionally trained in the automotive industry and in reporting. All of the experts at Motor Matters are well-credentialed and also write for established media companies, such as The New York Times, Motor Trend,, the BBC, Autobytel, Kelley Blue Book, Newsweek, CNN, Good Morning America, the Today Show, Fox News,, Ward s Automotive, Popular Mechanics, and Popular Science among others.

Engaging readers is our lifeblood

We are a really creative group and we enjoy our craft. One of our best assets is how close we are able to get to the decision-makers in the automotive industry. We talk to them daily, we go to their product launch events, we get sneak peaks into the inner workings of what s ahead for consumers. We are able to talk in a comfortable way with our subjects.

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