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September is Senior Dog Health Care Month

| September 04, 2012 | 1 Comment

If so, then this is your month! In case you hadn’t heard, September is Senior Dog Health Care Month.

If you live with a Senior Dog, then you already know there are some considerations you need to be mindful of:

• “As your dog ages, the food you feed him or her becomes even more important,” says Chuck Anderson, our founder and resident “Ask Chuck ” pet expert. “Choosing a higher quality food can help to keep your friend healthy longer” he states.

• Getting regular veterinary check-ups is another consideration, so you can catch any potential health problems early-on.

• And we can’t say enough about the importance of exercise for your senior dog. As with all dogs (and humans too), your senior dog needs proper exercise to stay healthy. While not as vigorous as he or she was during the puppy years, a proper regular exercise plan can help your senior dog live a full and happy life.

Of course, these are just a few tips for keeping your senior dog happy and healthy. What are some other tips you’ve learned as you’ve cared for your senior dog?

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Cat Tips: How to Stop Your Cat from Licking Off His Fur!

| August 17, 2012 | Leave a comment

As you can imagine, we hear a lot of pet-related questions from our customers – and we love to share what we’ve learned to help keep pets happy!

One question we hear a lot this time of year is well-stated by “Craig”, who wrote in to Ask Chuck:

Why would a male cat lick the fur off his belly and the insides of his hind legs? Can I paint on that stuff they use to keep kids from sucking their thumbs to make him stop?

What we’ve found is that sometimes a cat will lick the fur off his belly and hind legs if he has an allergy and would suggest you contact your vet regarding this issue.

While we aren’t familiar with the ingredient listing for the product that helps kids stop sucking their thumb, we do sell products like Naturvet s Bitter Yuck no chew spray. It is water based and when your cat licks it, the product would leave a bad flavor in their mouth.

Have you experienced this problem with your cats? How have you dealt with this issue?

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Summer Tips for Pet Rabbits

| June 23, 2012 | Leave a comment

Did you know that during the summer months, it is especially important to keep an eye on your rabbit to make sure he or she is not getting overheated?

Rabbits do not tolerate heat well in general, so here are a few tips courtesy of the House Rabbit Society . to making sure your bunny stays safe in the summertime:

  • Make sure bunny is out of the sun. If they are confined to a cage or small room for part of the day, be sure that there is plenty of shady space for the bunny to rest.
  • Set up a circulating fan that will breeze past your rabbit without blowing directly on him all day. You can also drape a damp towel over part of the cage so the fan will blow through the towel and create cooler air. Be sure to bunny-proof the fan cord!
  • Place a ceramic tile or marble square in the cage or in bun s favorite place. The marble or tile stays cool for them to lie on.
  • Place a few ice cubes in their water crock so the water is tempting and they can also lie against the cool crock.

Of course, if you suspect that your rabbit is experiencing signs of heat stroke, don’t wait – get your bunny to your vet or emergency clinic immediately!

You can learn more about taking great care of your pet rabbit during the summer – or anytime – at the House Rabbit Society’s website. For information on products to keep your rabbit happy all year long, visit our website . Have questions about caring for your rabbit – or any pet?  Visit our “Ask Chuck” area on our website and view the archives – or submit a question of your own!

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Ask Chuck

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