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Noiz + Aoba: He tries really hard to befriend Aoba but has trouble communicating ( He tries really hard when it comes to showing affection )

Noiz + Koujaku: Although they always butt heads because Koujaku is so protective of Aoba and seem to have this rivalry going on, they can really get along well and have their moments which can be really cute

Noiz + Mink: Noiz gets along well with Mink because Mink is always reading one of his favourite books to him ( The Lost Cat )

Noiz + Mizuki: Poor Mizuki is always trying to befriend Noiz and always speaks to him but at the moment he remains indifferent to Mizuki

Noiz + ViTri: He is on neutral terms with them but always goes to them whenever he gets hurt because they are really good at bandaging up wounds

Noiz + Ren: He has interest in Ren and Ren is sometimes Intimidated by Noiz which causes Noiz to tease him more

Noiz + Sei: He is neutral but very straightforward and open with Sei ( especially on the topic of Aoba )

Noiz + Clear: They get along well ( because clear gets along well with everyone ) and Noiz has a liking for clear

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