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2. Instructor talk – Over-teaching? etc.

Dr. Eric,

I would like to say a quick thank you for publishing your opinions

online. They make great reading, and at the same time provoke a good

couple hours of thought!!

As a member of the Canadian Ski Patrol System, I found the questions

posed to you very relavent to both the NSP and the CSPS, differences in

the two organizations notwith standing.

As a part of my patrol, I have had the pleasure of being the First Aid

Training Officer for a couple of years now. As a doctor, I’m sure on

occasion you have taught or contributed to portions of your OEC course.

I would like your opinion on an issue I am faced with. One of our

patrollers has recently become a Paramedic 1 (EMT-A I think you would

call it). Having graduated in May of 98, her experience is still

growing. This year she has become an Instructor (she was an Assistant

prior to her new career move) which means she is certified to teach

So, how to deal with your problem child? If she’s bad enough, fire her.

You might check with the students–if they feel the class is valuable

It might be worth a talk, man to man, so to speak. Take her aside, and

let her know how much you appreciate her time and expertise. Point out

that the material is not perfect, but is designed to give someone with no

As far as personal anecdotes–they are wonderful if used sparingly. They

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