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Did you know that hormone imbalance can lead to serious health problems in addition to preventing you from feeling and functioning at your best? Do you know the top women s health risks? Heart disease, cancer and stroke top the list. Although these are serious concerns, there s good news. Healthy lifestyle choices — such as eating a healthy diet and including physical activity in your daily routine — can go a long way toward reducing women’s health risks and improving the balance of hormones in our bodies.

For some women, breast health tops the list of women s health concerns. What s the best way to do a breast self-exam? What should you do if you find a breast lump? What s the best way to treat breast pain?

For others, women s health concerns include skin or hair changes or even fatigue . And as you get older, your women s health concerns are likely to change. Could belly fat lead to health problems? Are Kegel exercises really necessary? Get answers to these and other women s health questions.

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