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Please reblog this post, to help me find people to help me out! Thank you so, so much! 3

So, what is this solution I have mentioned?

Well, it s simple:

I want to collect a team of artists to help me make sure the blogs update on a schedule!

Which blogs am I thinking of to have this team help me out on? Pretty much all of them, Doctor Time Pony. The Master Unicorn. Discorded Twilight. and Queen Scootaloo. (Possibly The Big Four Ponies and RWBY Ponies too, if the demand is high enough) The Void Ponies is a blog that I m running on my own, and I m fine with that, they re OCs, so it will still update like normal.

Now, you don t have to be SUPER skilled, though I WOULD like to have a little talent, though, I m not super picky, so don t worry about that too much! ^^

This team will basically be a group of artists and/or writers who will help me edit and draw posts for my pony tumblr blogs so that they can all be updated on a schedule.

Are you interested? If you are, here s what you have to do (if you re interested in doing an update for the blog, but not joining the group, please skip down to the section labeled Guest Artist :

Submit in an application featuring one or more of your drawings to one of my blogs, it doesn t matter which one, and fill out this little I don t know what to call it application. (Ugh, using that word twice is so redundant)

Name: (Doesn t have to be your real one, just what you d like to go by if you re accepted)

How often you can complete an update: ie: twice a week, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, etc. This is solely for me to figure out an update schedule.

Which blogs you d like to help with: I realize that most of you don t like ALL of my blogs, so I m going to let you chose which ones you d be willing to work on! If you chose more than one, you ll simply rotate around, updating each blog in turn. You can offer to update ALL of my blogs, or just one, there is no limit!

Links to any ask blogs you run: (You don t need to answer this, I just want to see what I can expect from you.)

Skype name: (This is the most important part! This is how I will contact you, we will also have a group chat ;3)

If you do not have a Skype, you will not be able to join the group. I m very sorry, but that s the most convenient way to contact everyone, however, don t panic! You can still do updates for the blog! Which is why I will also be using the classic

Guest Artist!

Unlike members of the team, guest artists are people who could update only once.

Guest artists are pretty much the same as guest artists on other blogs: You apply with a drawing, if you get accepted you draw one update for the blog, and then you re over.

You are not required to have a Skype for this, and you are allowed to come back and ask to update again one month after you make a guest artist post.

I actually would LOVE to get a bunch of guest artists as well as team members, so please, don t hesitate to send me a drawing and ask about being a guest artist!

Thank you all SO much for reading through all of this, and thank you SO much for applying for either a team member or a guest artist!

(By the way, can someone help me come up with a better team name than the Book Squad? Ehheh ^^; )

Aaaaaaa! I miss this blog! Can we please start updating it again. D

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