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Ask Dr. Callahan vs. Videotext Algebra

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I ve spent hours poring over previous threads, but still haven t quite found the right answer. I would really welcome some advice.

My 8th grade daughter has always been very good at math. She breezed through Lial s Basic College Math with zero help from me. Now she s starting Algebra I.

I purchased Ask. Dr. Callahan s program, which uses Jacobs Elementary Algebra. Since then, I ve read some reviews that have made me wonder if I made a mistake. She likes it fine so far, but she s only about ten lessons in, so the material isn t really challenging enough to form a useful assessment. After the money I spent, I wouldn t even be questioning it but for the fact that I recently inherited a brand new set of Videotext module A. I ve read some wonderful things about VT, but it seems that every positive review states how good it is for kids who hate math, or people who aren t “math-minded”. My daughter is excellent at math, and will likely pursue a math-centric college major.

So I m looking for opinions on Callahan/Jacobs vs. Videotext for a girl who actually loves and excels at math.



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EKS 28 Sep 2009

I couldn t stand VideoText (we used module A only) and I loved Jacobs. We didn t use Dr. Callahan s materials though, so I don t have an opinion there.

I liked Jacobs because he developed the concepts in the problem sets so skillfully. He went from simple/easy to complex/difficult over the course of the book, over the course of each chapter, and over the course of each problem set. Very impressive.

I used Jacobs with my math minded son when he was 10 and 11 years old. I intend to use it with my younger son as well when he s ready. My older boy really liked Jacobs and he did very well with it.

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HiddenJewel 28 Sep 2009

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