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Guidance and Support

ASK for Health offers guidance and support that is specific to your needs based on current health information.

By providing accurate health information not persuaded by pharmaceutical companies, commercial industry, or persons having financial gain in your choices, we help you make better-informed decisions about your health and treatment.

As your RN Patient Advocate, ASK for Health will:

  • focus on you and your health care concerns
  • take time to provide you individualized information, education, options, resources and support to help you make health decisions that are best for you

In your home or in the hospital, we come to you. You are our greatest priority!

Unique Understanding

ASK for Health offers unique understanding to you and your loved ones through education, research, coaching and referral, while promoting choices for LIFE!

The health you experience today is the accumulation of a lifetime of health habits and environmental circumstances. Your needs are truly unique. ASK for Health seeks to understand the cause of your illness or problems by investigating your health history and current health habits. Although treating the symptoms of illness is necessary, understanding and correcting the cause of those symptoms, if possible, will enhance your overall quality of life.

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