Ask Jeeves gives their butler the boot. Rebrands as Ask. Just Ask. #ask

#ask heeves

Ask Jeeves gives Jeeves the boot. Rebrands as Ask

Ask Jeeves puts the knife in, kills off everybody s favorite search butler and relaunches themselves as Just Ask. No Jeeves..

Ask Jeeves has been one of the more liked (as well as quirky) search engines for eons (it is also one of the few original services to survive,) and its Jeeves butler , a classic. Unfortunately, it is also one of the least used of the searches services, running a distant fifth, behind Google. Yahoo. Microsoft s MSN. and Time Warner. which includes America Online (on the upside, Ask Jeeves has increased its paltry 6.5% market share by 1 percentage point since November 2004.)

Dispute over the butler.

Ask and the butler logo had a rather odd history he was the subject of a dispute between Ask and the estate of British humorist P. G. Wodehouse . a prolific writer who immortalized a butler named Jeeves in his novels. Apparently, Ask never received permission to use the name, the estate grumbled, and up until now the Ask Jeeves site featured a link that outlined how the Wodehouse people did not approve of their butler.Whether or not this is a factor is open to speculation, but the Ask Jeeves folks have killed off Jeeves, and the search engine will be known simply as Ask with simple text based company logos for the most part unchanged from the text/character version.

Sad to see him go..

Don t know about you, but I m kinda sad to see the old dude go. The revamp is being presented as part of a restructuring of the search service, more details of which will be rolled out by Barry Diller. chairman and chief executive officer of Ask Jeeves IAC/InterActiveCorp, during his keynote speech at the Search Engine Strategies Conference Expo in New York on Monday

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