Ask Jeeves loses President After 2 Months #askme

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Ask Jeeves loses President After 2 Months

Emeryville Internet search firm Ask Jeeves said yesterday that Ted Briscoe. the company’s president and chief operating officer, has resigned after serving for only two months.

Briscoe is leaving to become chief executive of Play Streaming Media Group. a private Internet broadcasting company based in Rancho Cordova (Sacramento County).

During Briscoe’s tenure, Ask Jeeves’ stock declined sharply along with the rest of the Internet industry. The stock closed down $1.63 yesterday at $20, near its all-time low.

When Briscoe became president in March, the stock was around $80. It had been as high as $190 in November 1999.

Nevertheless, Ask Jeeves, which offers question-and-answer Internet searches, has gained users faster than most of its competitors. It has gone from being the 124th-ranked Web site in March 1999 to the 13th- most-visited Web site in April, according to Media Metrix, the online research company.

Briscoe, who will remain at Ask Jeeves for several weeks to help with the transition, joined the company as chief of marketing in 1999. Ask Jeeves, which has about 635 employees, said the president’s job will be eliminated and that other executives will assume Briscoe’s duties.

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