Ask Jeeves seeks to solve search query – January 9, 2002 #ask #me

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Ask Jeeves seeks to solve search query

By Cathleen Moore

(IDG) — Search vendor Ask Jeeves plans to roll out new search technology designed to analyze Web page subject matter and unearth community relationships. The initiative comes as IBM plans to build on its own research to expand Web data mining.

Ask Jeeves acquired the technology from Teoma Technologies in September. Teoma’s technology uses compact mathematical modeling of the Web’s structure to generate dynamic queries. After searching using criteria such as popularity and text analysis, it applies dynamic topic clustering, subject-specific link analysis, and expert identification. Dynamic topic clustering looks at the Web from a local perspective, which enables Teoma to understand the subject matter of Web pages, said Paul Gardi, vice president of search at Ask Jeeves in Emeryville, California.

“The problem with typical methods of search such as text analysis and popularity is that sites pointing to the link could be junk,” Gardi said. “Teoma’s [technology] can understand subject-specific reference to pages, which is key to delivering not just relevant but authoritative results.”

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