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Ask Math Faculty at Just ASK

Just ASK is where current students go to ask questions, get suggestions, talk about strategies and discover solutions. Just ASK is located in the 3rd floor lounge of University Square and in 318 Commons near the booth seating just outside of the faculty offices.

This service is free of charge and offered on a walk-in basis. Simply grab your material and tools (e.g. laptop, graphing calculator, book, notes, and assignment) and stop by the Just ASK center. Come individually or bring your whole group. Plan to use the lounge area to work on your problems or project and get easy access to a bit of advice if and when you want to just ASK a question. Mathematics faculty will be at the Just ASK locations each week to assist with your quantitative* concerns. (See the schedule below.)

Need a little help with math anxiety? Just ASK. Want to know where you can extra self-help on the internet? Just ASK. Wondering if there is an easy way to organize the material or remember important facts? Just ASK. Looking for test-taking or problem solving strategies? Just ASK.

Just ASK University Square telephone number: 507-258-8076

* statistics, algebra, trigonometry, pre-calculus, calculus, calculator, spreadsheet, data, etc.

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