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Fitting a table into a nook

How can I subscribe to this Google calendar from my Mac and iPhone?

Is this half a turkey done for?

I want to feel like I’m sleeping on the floor, but not be on the floor

A cheap, non-smart wireless switch (for a light)?

Best wearable (eg apple watch) phone-capable device for older person?

posted by elgee to Technology at 11:07 AM

Help Me Identify This Tool, Episode Eleventy Million

Brick and Mortar store for Bralet

Too much storage unit, too little time.

What should I do with all this turkey stock?

I have a confusing COBRA healthcare question, and I’m overwhelmed.

Non-commercial food/excercise/weight tracker?

How do I re-carpet with confidence?

Recommend me a personal wiki for research?

Help me get schooled.

posted by Tamanna to Education at 4:49 AM

MDMA Therapy for PTSD – How Can I Get There?

Putting the fun into functional fitness

November 23

G’day Melbournians. Arriving soon. Must buy shorts.

posted by Homer42 to Shopping at 9:48 PM

Weil at heart

What experiment can I do to show that the Earth is a spheriod?

Are these shrimp ingredients created equal?

posted by Rora to Food & Drink at 6:32 PM

Budding fiction writer lacks confidence (no MFA) and needs help!

Can I power a portable hard drive using a USB wall charger?

Help me get my cursor back from the hijackers

more adventures in boundary drawing!

How do I deal with a lack of perks/subpar facilities at my company?

Replacing Physical Intimacy and Comfort

Good tours of film history in LA?

How do I stop my LG smart TV from turning off my PS4?

What ducks are these?

Clearwater Beach activities?

What’s the best Scrabble app?

Does the author of a book foreword get a contract?

Can Google lose my name?

HTML email creation

November 22

Who Takes the Metra Two Stops?

Motivating yourself to do difficult work you really don’t want to do

Reeling with bestie breakup over allegations

What is this hole in my wall and how do I fix it?

What do YOU do with clothes worn but not dirty?

posted by tristeza to Grab Bag at 2:28 PM

Where did I read this odd anecdote about JFK’s assassination?

A very strange CMS issue.

Looking for a recording of a specific WW2 news broadcast

Abridged vs. UnAbridged Ebooks

Finding Open New York Cellar Doors

posted by Sreiny to Grab Bag at 12:44 PM

Hand-kissing etiquette

Help me torment my child with a screaming chicken

Philadelphia Barber Shops

Best crowdfunding site for raising money for a UK resident

Where’s Waldo’s Luggage?

posted by Sophont to Technology at 11:07 AM

Coco Movie – Appropriateness for a younger child with sensory issues

Can I eat this? Late Blue Apron delivery version.

How can I hire a locksmith in Brooklyn to open this foot locker?

Is it safe to eat these oysters?

After school program supervisor grabbed my son by the arm


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