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Ask the Experts – Submit your Question

Guidelines that you should read and follow if you wish to increase the chances of your question actually being posted on PhysLink:

  • Your question should be short, specific and well formulated .
  • Do not send us questions from your physics homework – they will just end up in the trash can.

  • Do not ask us to help you design a device for a science fair or competition.

  • Do not send us a deadline for answering your question, since this indicates to us that you need an answer for your homework or assignment – and then the previous two rules apply.

  • Avoid questions broad in scope. like: ‘Explain quantum mechanics to me’, or ‘What is the physical history of the universe?’ – although these questions might be one of the most interesting ones, unfortunately we do not have the space or time to answer them.

  • Remember: the better formulated and the more exciting and challenging your question is, the more chance you have at getting it posted on PhysLink and answered.
  • S ubmit your Q uestion – ask experts.

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