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The Kid might be on the quiet side, but that doesn’t mean he hasn’t got his own stories to tell. Ask the Kid a question sometime, he might surprise you with the answers.

After all, theres time enough now for the telling.

((Written response Ask Blog for The Kid. Answers are in prose format. Warning for game spoilers, fan theories, and shipping. Takes place after the ‘Evcuation’ ending. Not an RP blog.))

Dec 3 ’14

Kid, have you ever considered training your friends on the bastion how to fight?

The kid grumbled a little as he tied a bandage firmly over his leg- oh, sure, automatic healing at a gulp was all well and good, but you didn t make it out one end of the wyld and down the other without learning about keeping things out of a wound, BEFORE it closed up.

His voice was always hard to hear; if he was talking to someone who understood it, he usually stuck to sign. The Kid could be generally overshouted by a breeze.

Rucks knows how probably has since before I was ever born. Says he lost the taste for it, though. Zulf . well. Zulf promised himself a long, long time ago he wouldn raise a hand to anyone; Tried to show him how to break someones nose with the base of your hand anyhow. Zia . well. he reached down to yank out a thorny, hollow little bolt from his leg.

Showin promise. We gotta work on aim, next .

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