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Ask The Oracle – Free online Oracles

Fortune Telling – daily Horoscope – Answers to all Questions

Welcome to ask the Oracle!

We are building unique online oracles from all parts of the world.

We are always looking for mystical and magical places.

Our Horoscopes and Oracles are free for use and easy to understand for everybody.

We first start with some different versions of the famous yes or no oracle.

In this special oracle, you can ask a question and it will be answered with a clear yes or with a clear no.

Furthermore you will find the daily horoscope for today and for tomorrow.

For the last 10 years we are programming horoscope and oracle websites with a great success in Germany.

Now the time has come to present you our collected works also in English language.

Please accept our apologies, that our English is not perfect.

We are a small team, working mainly on the exploration of Oracles, Horoscopes and magical places on the world.

We start our website with a really unique and awesome oracle, the magic Buddha Tree Oracle.

This place, where the oracle is located, is really a mystical place.

It is standing in the ruins of the old city of kings, of Ayutthaya in Thailand.

Now enjoy our first oracle!

The Magic Buddha Tree Oracle

Our second oracle is the classical Yes No Oracle, where you will receive a clear and straight yes or no on your question.

New and unique is our Coin flipping Oracle, which answers you a question with yes or no by tossing a coin of your choice.

We build different Coin flipping Oracles from different currencies, also the original 1804 Silver Dollar is available.

The first of our Love oracles and Love Horoscopes is the Love Barometer.

The Love Barometer shows you your erotical aura for today.

The pressure of your love life will be shown.

Other Oracles and Horoscopes will follow soon.

We are always happy about a feedback of our oracles and please recommend us on Facebook or on other social media.

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