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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Drain-FX is a revolutionary product to unclog your blocked sink, bathtub or shower drains without using any harsh chemicals.



Get under your sink and examine the setup. You should be able to see the drainpipe, a u-shaped bend and a pipe that goes into the wall.


The u-shaped bend section is your p-trap; it will be made of PVC, chrome, or possibly black ABS. The section behind that is the P-Trap arm. Place bowl or a bucket underneath P-Trap to catch the water that s about to come out. As long as you don t have the faucet running, it ll only be a small amount.

Loosen the nuts holding either end of the P-Trap to the other pipes with a wrench, then with your hands. Pull the P-Trap off with a downward tug and empty the clog.

Rather than going through this tiring process of getting underneath the sink, getting yourself in a mess by handling the tough tools like the pipe wrench to unscrew the P trap, etc; why should you go through all this tedious process when you can easily unclog your drain in a very easy and simple method by just using Drain-FX.

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