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Ask The T-Birds Doctor

Have you ever wondered what exactly a grade 2 shoulder separation is? Or you aren t really sure of the difference between an ankle sprain and a high ankle sprain? Or maybe you keep confusing the MCL with the ACL.

Now, with the T-Birds Ask The T-Birds Doctor promotion, these questions, and many other hockey related injury questions can be answered.

Fans can submit their questions to the T-Birds team doctors to find out exactly how a certain type of injury impacts a player.

The T-Birds team doctors are from Proliance Orthopedic Associates.

Submitted questions will be answered in two ways. The first is we will post a new question and answer every week on the website. The second is T-Birds play-by-play voice Thom Beuning will ask a team doctor questions submitted by fans on select radio broadcasts during the season.

This promotion gives fans the opportunity to learn about the types of injuries hockey players suffer. This promotion will also give fans information on the type of rehabilitation and treatment hockey players go through to recover from injuries.

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