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This is a space in which current or prospective animal owners can ask questions and get advice from professionals within the veterinary community. All questions are allowed, including those that are not specifically about your pet (i.e. preparing for vet school, general animal husbandry questions).

We are not here to diagnose your pet or tell you specifically how he/she should be treated, but as a second source of information.

We will not give opinions on whether or not another veterinarian is treating your animal correctly or incorrectly.


Giving OP specific instructions on medications and dosages is both unethical and illegal without an existing doctor-patient relationship. Such posts will be deleted, and repeat violators will be banned.

Answers involving anecdotes about your own pets are not usually appropriate in this sub and may be removed at the mods discretion.

There are several common misconceptions about pet food that should not be posted to this sub and may be removed at the mods discretion.


If you have a specific question about your animal s diagnosed illness or potential causes of clinical signs you are seeing, please include the following information in the text of your submission:

Signalment (species, age, sex/neuter status, breed, body weight)

Length of time you have seen these changes

Your general location

The above information is very important in how we deal with different situations, so please ensure that you include this in your post.

If you think your post does not appear in the newly submitted area. please message the mods

Not all responses are made from qualified veterinarians, so please consult with your local licensed veterinary practitioner before following any advice given on this subreddit. Thanks!


If you are a veterinarian, vet student, vet tech, vet nurse, vet assistant or other veterinary professional, please message the mods if you would like to get flair.

Please include links to past posts where you have given veterinary advice and scans/photos of your credentials alongside your username and date in your request.

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