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Assignment Satisfaction Key

Passing information with the click of a mouse

Soldiers can update the following information via the internet:

Personal Contact Information . Current home address, phone number (home and duty), and email address (either home or military).

Assignment Preferences. Soldiers must select 6 choices (3 CONUS and 3 OCONUS) from lists provided. Two CONUS installations will be divisional installations.

Special Duty Interest Preferences. Drill Sergeant, Recruiting and/or Airborne. Soldiers are not volunteering for these duties.

Assignment Volunteers – Soldiers may volunteer for up to 3 CONUS and/or 3 OCONUS locations from lists provided.

Special Duty Interest Volunteers. Soldiers may volunteer for Drill Sergeants, Recruiting and/or Airborne.

Access is available thru the U.S Army Human Resources Command (HRC) web site at Once you access the U.S Army Human Resources Command (HRC) web site, you will click on the Assignment Satisfaction Key displayed above. Soldiers will need a Army Knowledge Online (AKO) account password to gain access to their information.

More Information on ASK

Assignment Satisfaction Key

Web access to enlisted assignment information is the key to electronically influencing your career

You can update assignment preferences and related information through a newly developed web application. The Assignment Satisfaction Key or ASK Internet tool provides the capability to post assignment preference information directly to the Total Army Personnel Database. U.S Army Human Resources Command (HRC) Enlisted Personnel Management Directorate (EPMD) assignment managers will use this information when considering you for assignments.

Under the old Dream Sheet days, you could choose from 230 CONUS locations and 280 OCONUS locations, but had little chance of being assigned to any of the locations. ASK requires you to select two CONUS locations from a Divisional Installation Listing and one CONUS location form a more expanded listing. You may select three of four OCONUS locations.

By providing you with realistic location options, our goal is to match Army readiness requirements with your preferences. You are contributing to the overall decision process and your vote counts. While U.S Army Human Resources Command (HRC) must still fill unique assignments, the majority of assignment locations will be available for you to select. Those who decline to submit preferences will be assigned according to the needs of the Army.

This application is available through U.S Army Human Resources Command (HRC) ‘s web site at: Use your Army Knowledge Online (AKO) account password to gain access to this information. Use of AKO will ensure necessary security requirements are met. You may view and update the following information:

Personal Contact Information – You will be able to provide your current home address, phone number (home and duty) (commercial and Digital Service Network (DSN), and email address (either home or military).

Assignment Preference – Assignment preferences will be used when you are being considered for assignment. You must select 6 locations (3 CONUS and 3 OCONUS). Two CONUS preferences msut be selected from Assignment Location List (asg Loc List) A and one from Asg Loc List B. Three OCONUS preferences must be selected from Asg Loc List C.

Special Duty Interest Preference/Volunteer – You may indicate a desire to be considered for or volunteer for Drill Sergeant, Recruiting, and/or Airborne.

Assignment Volunteer – You may now volunteer for assignment locations. Provided you are otherwise qualified. U.S Army Human Resources Command (HRC) assignment managers will consider assignment volunteers over non-volunteers. Volunteer choices may be selected from Asg Loc List A, B and C.

Assignment Location Listing

The following Assignment Location Listings provide you with the choices you need to select from your Assignment Preferences and Assignment Volunteer locations.

List A – Divisional Installations

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