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Asking questions is the best way to learn new things in Spanish. If you need to get directions, ask what someone means or ask what a word means, you will need to know how to ask questions. There are questions that can be answered with yes or no and questions that seek more detailed information.

  • Hablas ingl s? ( Do you speak English?)
  • D nde hay un buen caf ? (Where is a good cafe?)
  • Qu significa esta palabra? (What does this word mean?)

Yes/No Questions

In Spanish, asking a question that can be answered yes or no is extremely easy. In writing, all you have to do is put question marks around the statement you want answered, and in speaking, simply raise the pitch of your voice at the end of the question. Notice that there is no Spanish word for do or does. This is implied by your intonation.

  • statement: Habla espa ol. (He speaks Spanish.)
  • question: Habla espa ol ? (Does he speak Spanish?)
  • statement: Te gusta la m sica hip hop. (You like hip hop music.)
  • question: Te gusta la m sica hip hop ? (Do you like hip hop music?)

Note the upside down question mark ( ) in front of the question. This is required in writing questions!

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