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VNO 1.0 is LIVE!

After more than a year of harsh, harsh work, more than 3 start overs from scratch, many incidents of lost sources, we finally reached 1.0!

Many, many changes happened since we took down 0.14, and many things were added.

And despite all that happened to us, and our inability to release as soon as we promised, you guys sticked with us, and that means a lot!

I know some of you aren t patient, so feel free to scroll down all the rest of my blater, it s mostly changelogs and other formalities

Just note that accounts were entirely wiped out again.


  • Added the phone menu.
  • Added the different phone submenus (inv/shop etc).
  • Revamped the entire interface to allow flawless theme customisation.
  • Added the mirror effect.
  • Remade the mod interface.
  • Remade the server.exe.
  • Changed how characters work to allow multiple inis and make charmaking easier.
  • Re-added private messages under the shape of mails.
  • Fixed the characters going out of border problem.
  • Fixed several minor stuff.
  • Added first person.
  • Holy shit I forgot the rest, hype is too real.
  • Blater:

    Just know what being in 1.0 doesn t make everything perfect, as usual, if you have any problem, tell them to me at venecity.kalissto on skype.


    The 1.0 Build Server: GoogleDrive

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