Avvo Is Now Rating Doctors! How Does Yours Rate? #ask #questions #and #get

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Avvo Is Now Rating Doctors! How Does Yours Rate?

Avvo, the parent company of NakedLaw and world’s largest lawyer ratings directory, is now rating doctors !

Avvo offers free ratings and profiles for over 800,000 doctors in the United States, including the editorial Avvo Rating, patient ratings and peer ratings in other words, Avvo is kind of like Yelp for doctors and lawyers, only better.

The benefits of using Avvo to find doctors and get health answers

  • Easily evaluate doctors with a simple 1-10 Avvo Rating.
  • Find misconduct history for 50% of U.S. doctors, to be at 100% by year end.
  • Get health answers without an office visit free from real doctors at Avvo s question and answer forum .
  • Get smarter about your health with access to hundreds of health guides .

Now, whether you have a legal problem or a health problem, Avvo gives you free ratings and answers.

P.S. if you enjoy reading Naked Law, check out the Naked Health blog .

By Jacqueline Savron, Avvo.com

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