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The Bible is the inspired, infallible Word of God. It is an eyewitness account of history and is accurate in everything it says. It is the authority for Christian life and practice and is a foundation on which believers must build their thinking.

Bible answers

The Bible and Science

We need to be equipped to teach people to see and draw connections between the Bible and the world around us. The Bible is the foundation for our understanding of the real world. It can be trusted and is the ultimate authority no matter what it speaks on—from biology to salvation.

How Much of the Bible Is Inspired?

Have you ever heard someone say that the Bible “contains” the Word of God? If you have, then you have heard statements that are limiting the inspiration of Scripture to human boundaries of convenience.

Is the Bible Full of Contradictions?

The supposed Bible errors are well known to Bible scholars and have all been addressed and found not to be errors after all. In every case, there is a logical explanation for the supposed error. The Bible is a book we can trust—no, more than that, it is the only book we can fully trust.

The Bible Is Unique

God’s written Word distinguishes His special communication to man as immeasurably superior to all other supposed revelations. God has vindicated His Word, and His Book is a genuine writing, with prophecies and revelation that must be taken seriously.

Bible Topics

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Are you properly equipped to give a reasonable apologetic (defense) of the Christian faith to answer the skeptical questions of the world?

Bible answers


Archaeology brings the pages of the Bible to life as it both confirms the Bible’s account of history and expands our understanding of the world of the Bible.

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Bible Characters

Misconceptions and mischaracterizations abound regarding the lives of the historical characters of the Bible.

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Bible History

The Bible is not just a book full of stories. Rather, it provides the correct chronology for the history of humanity—starting in Genesis!

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Bible Questions

Everyone has questions when it comes to the Bible. A close look at the text and the context offers the answers.

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Bible Study

Why should we read and study God’s Word, and how should we go about it? Is Scripture clear on its own, or do we need a theology degree to understand it?

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Bible Timeline

The Bible and the Scriptural genealogies provide a proper timeline for the chronology of biblical events and earth’s history.

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Contradictions in the Bible?

Secularists often accuse the Bible of being full of contradictions. However, when the supposed contradictions are carefully examined, the conflict dissolves.

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Genesis is foundational to understanding the rest of the Bible, the origin of life, and earth’s history. But how should this critical book be interpreted?

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The message of the gospel—Christ’s death and resurrection for the salvation of mankind—is the message the world desperately needs to hear.

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How should we read the Bible to ensure that we arrive at the correct interpretation?

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Is the Bible True?

The Bible claims to be written by God—through human authors—but can we trust it as error-free and authoritative on everything it touches?

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Noah’s Ark

What did Noah’s Ark look like? How could Noah fit all those animals on the Ark? Were dinosaurs on the Ark?

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The Flood

Geology overwhelmingly supports the historicity of the global Flood. Sediments were rapidly deposited, forming most of the fossil-bearing rock layers.

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The Word of God

Does the Bible really have inherent authority to be considered the ultimate standard of truth for Christians?

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Tower of Babel

The Tower of Babel, where God divided the languages, is the correct starting point for understanding the origin of language, culture, and the people groups.

Articles About Bible

Bible answers

May we redeemed daughters of Eve consistently root out the deceptive influences within and without, trusting and obeying God’s perfect Word.

Creationist studies are replete with discussions of Genesis 1:1–2:3 and 5:28–9:29, but Genesis 2:4–3:24, has remained largely untouched.

Many people conclude that making judgments on anyone (especially coming from Christians) is wrong because the Bible says ”judge not” (Matthew 7:1).

It’s likely that Noah planned ahead to include some kind of large washing machine inside the Ark.

Wasn’t the ark built by Noah and his family? Why does the Ark Encounter website show more people? Tim Chaffey, AiG–U.S., explains.

Death, whether animal or human, physical or spiritual, is a consequence of man’s disobedience toward his Creator and an intrusion into His “very good” creation.

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